Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Sacrifice of Noah

The next panel is finally finished. For me, this one was harder than the Deluge (the panel before). Partly because there were 90 symbols in the small center story panel. Partly because of the subject. I realize that animal sacrifice was an ancient religious rite, but as I worked on it and realized how gory the scene is, it was less then fun to stitch. No, if you wonder, I don't watch gory movies either. I like happy things, or at least ones with less blood. It's behind me now though.I took a picture of the entire project so far while I had it all unrolled.

I've been asked by several stitchers what I'm doing with all the extra fabric. When I started, it was at the top and the first few scenes weren't a problem. The bottom of the fabric, I had folded and it just lay across my lap. The sides, well, I just deal with them, it's not really in my way. As I'm using Q-snaps, and turn it over from the top to anchor thread on the back, it did become a problem wading through the extra fabric after a while. I thought about clipping the extra with hair clips so the stitching wasn't damaged, but that would add extra weight to the entire thing. What I hadn't thought about was the fact that as I stitch and add thread, the whole thing is slowly getting heavier. It's going to get a lot heavier by the end. So, what I'm doing now is folding the top of the fabric and using very long running stitches along the width to secure it . I've done the same on the bottom. It's manageable for now at least and not any heavier.