Sunday, June 28, 2009

First week of stitching

I finally got started on this. I know a lot of people just love those first stitches of a new start. I hate them. I love to finish and that first stitch is so far from the end. Especially this project.

I didn't stitch all that much actually. A good part of my evening stitch time was in getting organized.

I decided to approach this as 45 smaller projects so the first thing I did was pull the floss for the symbols of the center, top panel. Seemed easy. I have a LOT of floss to sort through and sometimes I knew what color I needed, but too many times I had to look it up on my floss sample book. It seemed to take forever, but it was only 29 colors. Then, because I work best with floss wound on bobbins, and sorted in a craft box, I got that all organized. So far so good. Well, the first symbol wasn't on the key code for the panel. Oh, wait, there was a page and a half of symbols that all the panels had in common, like borders and background and the architecture that binds this piece together. Crap. I had 85 more colors to pull and organize. I also work with a Pako needle organizer, keeping a needle for each symbol and if I have leftover floss, I just put it there and don't unthread my needle. Now I had to rummage for a second Pako, one for each batch of symbols.

Needless to say, once I was done with all this, I wasn't in a great mood, but I got to finally put some stitches in. Then there's 2 1/5 yards of fabric. Combine that with temps in the 90's and I had to work that out quick. So - since I'm at the very top of the project, I managed to fold up the fabric below so it can lay across my lap without too much problem. I'm also using my floor stitching stand to lean the top of my Q-snap on so I have two hands to stitch and don't have to hold the Q-snap. I also have the chart holder and the tray to keep the Pako in that I'm using. I must look a sight, actually, but it's working.

That is, until the phone rings. That happened today. I tried to quickly prop the fabric, etc. onto the scroll rod for a second, it rolled over, dumping it all on the floor while knocking a Pako off as well. I guess I'll have to keep the phone next to me from now on!

Well, I guess I'm on a roll now so I'm back to some more stitching this fine Sunday evening.


  1. Sheri, it's gorgeous!!! I hear ya about hating to start.... yuck, yeeech, blech! But now that you have that out of the way.... whooooohooooooo!!!

  2. lol...I'm so the opposite when it comes to stitching. I LOVE the first stitches of a new piece. But then again, that could explain why I never finish anything :D

    Lovely start Sheri! I cannot wait to see this one progress!

  3. I'm exhausted just reading your blog! I think what you are doing is absolutely fantastic and I'll be avidly following your work from start...and hopefully finish. Sheila

  4. Hi Sheri, I´m wishing you good luck on stiching this biiiiiiig project, I´d love to see the next project-pictures soon ;-)

    greetings from Austria

  5. What a mammoth undertaking! I applaud your initiative and your efforts getting started. Surfed in here via a link on totallythreadup's blog. Can't wait to look at the rest of your blog to see your progress. It's sure to be breathtaking. Good luck with it!